Andrew Scheer denounces attempts by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party to conceal candidate’s antisemitic behaviour

September 04, 2019

Toronto, ON – The Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, released the following statement about reports Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada attempted to conceal the antisemitic views of one of their star candidates:

“Racism, bigotry and religious intolerance have no place in Canada. What’s worse, in this particular case, is that we now know Justin Trudeau knew about this individual’s extremist views and support for terrorism and tried to conceal them from Canadians.

“This candidate also revealed that, despite knowing his views, Trudeau supported and was ‘pleased’ with his candidacy for the Liberal Party of Canada and was working on a strategy to downplay his extremism and keep him as a candidate.

“It is clear that this individual felt his extremist views would be right at home in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. Trudeau talks a big game when it comes to condemning hatred and bigotry, but when it comes to antisemitism in his own party, he’s just not as advertised.”