Andrew Scheer’s plan to fix our energy sector

May 06, 2019

Andrew Scheer has laid out his plan to get the Trans Mountain Expansion built, and the steps a Conservative government will take in 2019 to undo the damage Justin Trudeau’s failures have caused.

To get the Trans Mountain Expansion built, Justin Trudeau should immediately:

  • Appoint a Ministerial Special Representative to complete the indigenous consultation process;
  • Enact emergency legislation to affirm that Transport Canada’s analysis of tanker traffic was sufficient;
  • Request a stay of the Federal Court of Appeal ruling and appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court of Canada; and
  • Most importantly, Justin Trudeau should support Bill S-245 to clarify that the pipeline is under federal jurisdiction.

But, three weeks after the Federal Court struck down the Trans Mountain Expansion project, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals still have no plan of action to get the Trans Mountain pipeline completed.

We still have no timeline for construction, no timeline for completion, and no timeline for the thousands of jobs this project will create.

Until Justin Trudeau enacts Andrew Scheer’s plan for the Trans Mountain Expansion, Canada’s energy sector will continue to see cancelled projects, a major loss in investment, and tens of thousands of lost jobs.

Andrew Scheer has also laid out what a Conservative government will do to reverse Justin Trudeau’s failed policies and make Canada a place where energy investments are encouraged again:

  • Immediately repeal the Liberals job-killing Carbon Tax;
  • Repeal Bill C-69, the Liberal Anti-Pipeline Bill;
  • End the ban on shipping traffic on the North Coast of British Columbia;
  • Use the federal declaratory power to declare a major project ‘for the general advantage of Canada’, where we deem it necessary for future projects; and
  • Enact legislation that will:
    • Clarify the roles of proponents and governments that are involved in consultations;
    • Ensure that standing is given only to those with expertise or who are directly impacted by the project in order to end foreign-funded interference in regulatory hearings; and
    • Provide certainty to investors on approval timelines and schedules.

Andrew’s plan is comprehensive and makes use of every possible tool government has it its disposal to get our energy sector going again.