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Andrew Scheer elected new Conservative leader

Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer has been elected the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, picking up enough down-ballot support to overcome strong early numbers by rival Maxime Bernier during a convention in Toronto.

Scheer, the youngest MP to serve as House Speaker, promised to unite the party by bringing together the social and fiscal conservative wings to take on the Liberals in the 2019 election. He's now 38.

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The next leader of the Conservative Party will be the next Prime Minister of Canada.


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Regina-Wascana Results

Candidate name Round 13
Scheer.jpgAndrew SCHEER winner
Bernier.jpgMaxime BERNIER 20.54%

Canada Results

Candidate name Round 13
Scheer.jpgAndrew SCHEERwinner
Bernier.jpgMaxime BERNIER 49.05%