New Leader

Leadership Numbers

A look at the federal Conservative leadership race, by the numbers

The Canadian Press, Published on May 7, 2017


445: Days in the leadership contest.

16: Number of people who officially entered.

3: Number who dropped out: Dan Lindsay, Tony Clement and Kevin O'Leary.

14: Names that will be on the ballot; O'Leary dropped out too late to get his name taken off.

16,901: Number of points required to win.

259,010: Paid party members eligible to vote. 

2,729: Memberships removed from party rolls after investigations. 

52: Party members in Nunavut, the lowest in the country.

114,508: Party members in Ontario, the highest in the country.

$5 million: Amount each candidate can spend on the campaigns.

$4.6 million: Amount raised by all the candidates in the first three months of 2017.

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