Trudeau Failing on Canada's National Security

May 20, 2019

Ottawa, ON – James Bezan, Shadow Minister for National Defence, the Hon. Rob Nicholson, Shadow Minister for Public Services and Procurement, and Richard Martel, Associate Shadow Minister for National Defence, issued the following statement regarding a report by the Macdonald-Laurier Institute on the Trudeau’s government failure in the defence and security of Canada:

“The scathing findings in this report make it clear that this Liberal government has placed its own partisan interests ahead of Canada’s national security.

“The report further illustrates how badly Justin Trudeau has undermined our relationship with our closest ally and defence partner, the United States, as a result of the Trudeau government’s failure to purchase military equipment in an open, fair, and transparent manner.

“The report concludes that the Trudeau government’s decisions to replace Canada’s fighter jets were ‘purely for reasons of political interest’ and ‘not a single one could be claimed as being in the country’s national interest.’ The Liberal tradition of buying used equipment for the Canadian Armed Forces for political gain must stop. This is yet another example of Justin Trudeau making Canadians pay for his mistakes.

“Conservatives have always stood up for the defence of Canada and will immediately start an open competition to select a new fighter jet for our Air Force, end the Liberal tradition of buying used equipment for our military, and restore Canada’s relationships with our partners and allies around the world.”